Hedge Gods


Threshold 2015 “Top Ten Undiscovered Gems”

“One of the weirdest and most wonderful on the bill, three-piece Welsh outfit Hedge Gods offer their self-proclaimed ‘analogue dance’ through a fusion of globe-trotting rhythms and a gypsy bent to skiffling acoustic guitars. Nothing but a guaranteed good time.”

– Get Into This (link)

Threshold 2015

“Over at 24 Kitchen Street were Welsh analogue dance band Hedge Gods, in a venue that was hotter than hell but a welcome departure from the closing chill outside. Performing a truly unique set, they demonstrated that you don’t need flashing lights, bells and whistles to bring a venue to frenzy. Joined by several performance dancers, the set quickly became something rather special with Hedge Gods guiding us on a journey through high energy jazz, funk and even some disco.”

– Get Into This (link)

Ruthin All-Styles Music Club 2015

“Well we’ve had some great club nights in the twenty weeks since moving to The Feathers, but this one tipped the scales!

It saw our featured act, The Hedge Gods, playing to an enthusiastically appreciative full house, along with floor spots from no fewer than eleven other performers.

To say the Hedge Gods went down well would be a gross understatement. Feet were tapping, hands were clapping and there was even a collective “Yee-Haa” or two during one of the lively country numbers!

Since their first visit to Ruthin AllStyles as a newly formed trio almost three years ago, James, Darren and Will have played 86 gigs and have honed their craft, gelling seamlessly to produce a full, well rounded exciting sound.

Writing all their own material, they describe themselves as “Pulp Fiction meets Tom Waits” and “The future sound of Skiffle”. In reality they defy categorisation. They are a unique instrumental rhythmic acoustic power trio whose entire style has evolved despite, or perhaps even because of, “musical differences”.

It was hard to pick a favourite from their 40 minute set, but if pressed I’d have to say mine was Wonky Apple Swing.

In addition to all this, they are three really nice lads. They effortlessly engaged with the audience and everyone in the room instantly warmed to them.”

– Chris Birchall (link)

Focus Wales 2014

“To ensure the spice in our life had variety we caught up with Hedge Gods, who have double bass, will travel. They’re like a porno site pop up (but less annoying). Chances are if it’s sunny and you’re in Chester, you’ll see the Hedge Gods busking. If you’re at Dave Prowse’s excellent Cavern Open Mic nights, you’ll see the Hedge Gods, if you’re at Rhyl Folk Club, you’ll see the Hedge Gods, if you’re in the cells on a drunk and disorderly charge, yes… you’ll see the Hedge Gods…
Rather than being locked up though, I’d rather be sat in a field staring into the deep blue sky listening to this acid jazz funk folk fusion all day – they are dripping with talent and have created a festival scene of their very own.”

Link2Wales (link)

Threshold 2014

“My first sight of North Wales’ ‘contemporary acoustic dance fusion specialists’ Hedge Gods, was bass player Will’s spectacular dreadlocks, as long almost as I am tall. Alongside Darren, the heavily drum laden percussionist and comparatively empty handed guitarist James, the trio arrived at the venue to set down their instruments before standing to appreciate the acts that would precede them.

As they hit the stage I was a little unsure what to expect, but with the opening bars of their first piece, amazed glances were shared all over the venue. Their sense of rhythm and band chemistry captivated the now more focused audience as they bounced from one fun-filled number to the next. With song titles such as Cockney Geometry and Selfish Shellfish, it’s immediately clear that Hedge Gods aren’t guilty of taking themselves too seriously and that lightheartedness was infectiously shared with the venue who was soon stomping and clapping along.

I had the opportunity to speak to percussionist Darren for a short period over a cigarette, and was stunned to hear that the band had only been performing together for a little over 12 months. I understood almost immediately that Hedge Gods were a band of individually talented performers that had a deeper understanding of a band’s performance mechanics. The Hedge Gods were a truly unique experience, and the lack of preceding history with the band’s music made it all the more, a defining moment of the weekend.”

Threshold (link)


“We wanted to say how brilliant you were @ our New Year’s Eve wedding, and would and have recommended you for all types of events! You have many talents between you all and your balance betwixt classical and dancing was second to none! You created a picture and a memory never to be forgot! Hoping see you soon!” – Wolfe and Lara Walker-Altass, Ironpitts Gundogs